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Janee Powers


"Each day is a Wonderful blessing to a New Adventure"

Janee Powers

Janee Powers is a warm and loving energy worker. She has been guiding and assisting others with their healing for over 15 years. Trained in Traditional style Reiki, Seichem Reiki, E.F.T., Laughter yogo, sound healing, spiritual channel and meditation. She brings knowledge and wisdom to all those that are blessed to share her spirit.

As a Reiki Master she brings kindness, understanding and compassion to every session and lesson, touching the hearts of many. Connecting Divine Spirit and The Earth Energies creating a wonderful balance of mind and body healing.

Janee combines all her talents to form a beautiful bond for an incredible awakening experience.

Each session she performs has a unique blend of meditation, toning, channeling, aroma and crystal therapy, providing music and special colors to fit each individual client needs.

Individual and group lessons are taught in a comfortable setting full of fun, energy, and life altering events.

From the very first treatment received, Janee stated to herself

“If this can make me feel this great I must share it with others.”

From that moment on, it has been her passion to share the wonderful gift of REIKI assisting others that desire guidance with their personal challenges.

She continues training in many different areas. With the hope to guide and shift clients to a wonderful new life. 

Accomplishments and achievement include:

Volunteer - Reiki at The Caring Place for those touched by cancer

Guest Speaker and Facilitator for Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Assist and support with  Las Vegas Pagan Pride Day 2008

Contributed to Grand Opening at Angel Blessing Wellness Spa

Assisted in the opening of Pura Vida Vegan Bistro

Facilitated Reiki shares and energy circles since 2006

Hosted Peace Way Business Hour Online Radio Show

Is a Music 4 Life advisor.

Laughter Yoga Leader of International University

United States traveler teacher and performer.


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