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The Wonderment of Universal Energy

Everyone is born with the right

to be healthy and live with happiness


Sharing the Light with others



E.A...Las Vegas...March 10 2014

Janee is a powerful and insightful healer. She works to rebalance, clear and realign the energy fields. My session with her was electrifying. I highly recommend Janee's innovative and holistic sessions" (from E.A...Las Vegas...March 10 2014)

July 17, 2014


Had a great experience, everything I was expecting and more. Truly a blessing to work with Janee. Would highly recommend her. Chris B.


August 6 , 2014


I have everything good to say about Janee. I took my husband for a Reiki session feeling it would help him in his stroke recovery. He felt more energy and was able to do more for himself for the next few days afterwards. Janee went above and beyond finding time for him working around his erratic sleep schedule and spent a good deal of time working with him. We will be returning for more sessions. I feel Janee really cares about her clients. I would definitely recommend her.

Kelly Leonard 3-29-09

Janee is gifted beyond my words. She is compassionate and true to her gift of healing. Whenever I recieve work from Janee, I feel transported and healed. Her Reiki is like no other I've recieved before and I almost feel adicted to it. I appreciate her insight and her honesty. Janee is a healer by no other words and is a gift to my life.

Arisana Tolomei, Life Coach/Facilitator/Master Instructor, Las Vegas., NV

The session I had with Janee was so powerful, I had to ask her what other modalities she had trained in other than Reiki. Janee is truly a gifted healer who brings so much insight to her work. After the session I felt light and free!


Sherri Klein

I had the privilege of you assisting me in 3 Reiki classes and I was touched from some of your input of different experiences you've had with Reiki. What I love about you is you're open to communicate your feelings and emotions of energy. Your passion for it and the fact that you make a difference in the way that it truly is a blessing to be able to receive such a gift and understand it. And then above all else the fact that we get to help others and ourselves.

You remind me of how truly special the gift is.


Dannielle Hanson Febuary 22, 2010

I've been to see Janee for both Reiki and E.F.T. The Reiki was wonderful calming and relaxing. I felt so much better afterward. Janee is also very knowledgeable about E.F.T. and was very helpful with coming up with suggestions for possitive affirmations. I wish I lived closer.

Namaste Liz

You touched my life so deeply since the very first week I met you. Getting to know you, understanding where you came from, and seeing where you are now...I truly believe in Perfect Divine Order. You have found your passion and live it and share it are a loving, caring, compassionate healer. I am honored to have you in my life, you make this world a more beautiful place by each person you touch.

Hello My Dear Friend,

I would be more than happy to share how you and the practice of Reiki has helped me in healing from breast cancer.

In June of 2008 I learned that I had breast cancer. I was in the middle of moving to Las Vegas area. I knew no one and was going to have to travel back and forth to Ca. for treatment. (long story) Moving on, after the first surgery I was introduced to Ms Janee Powers who was sharing her skills at The Caring Place, it was the very best thing that could have ever happened to me. I knew nothing about the practice of Reiki, but I was having a lot of pain, so I was told if I try this treatment that it might help me with my pain. And boy did it ever help in such a Big Way! So now Reiki is just a part of my everyday life, now the rest of my family see what the practice of Reiki has done for me in my healing journey, they also are trying to learn the practice. So a final note, Thank You Ms Janee for caring enough to help me and my family on a new path of life! Wishing you the Best in your new location.


Hedda & Family


I found the purpose of my life. I could't do it with out Janee

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