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Home Clearing and Organization



Having trouble releasing items?

Feeling weighted down by clutter?

Piles of "STUFF" everywhere?

Just need a little help in a few spaces?

I love a challenge.

Organizing is my passion!!!

Over 15 years experience.

Whether it be physical and or spiritual,

stuck energy can have a negative affect in your home.

It may also be affecting your physical and emotional well being.

I will clear it and free you of this negative weight.

$45.00 an hour

$160.00 for 4 hours in one day

$325.00 for 8 hours in one day.

Discounts and payment plans available.

Drive time and/or gas may be added, depending on location.

$40.00 first time consult.


Some say you can't

find time 

save time

take time  

make time or

manage time

The only thing you can do is "use" time.


The time you spend sorting, stacking, cleaning, moving, or trying to find your stuff,  is more time than it takes to declutter.

Once you decide to take this step, you will have the time to do what you enjoy most. 

Getting organized and releasing and letting go can actually



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