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Singing Bowl Meditation


Reiki Classes

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This is an expansion of you personal talents and abilities. Live passionately in love.

Learn simple breathing and stretching, to be one with the earth for balancing the mind body connection. 

Learn the ancient healing art that has been practiced since the beginning of time ...



Step into "YOUR" power.

Discover Life Changing Healing Energy.

Connect to the Universe and Mother Earth

Level I Reiki

You will learn the history of Reiki.

Relaxation technics for yourself and others.

How to give a complete treatment.

How to balance all the major chakras.

How to clear the energy aura and more.

You will receive a certificate after completing all requirements.

$150.00  (ask about discounts)

Level II Reiki

( must have completed level I with certificate)

You will receive and learn the different ways to use 3 sacred symbols.

We will be focusing on long distant, mental and emotional healing. For yourself and others past, present and future.

You will receive a certificate after completing all requirements.

$200.00  (ask about discounts)

Master Practitioner

(must have completed

Level One and Two with certificate)

This is for the serious Reiki practitioner.

You will learn 5 new symbols and how they are used.

Diving deep into assisting others on their healing path. 

You will learn how to perform a DETAILED ENERGY HEALING and PSYCHIC SURGERY.


You will receive a certificate after completing all requirements.

$250.00  (ask about discounts)

Master Teacher

(must have completed

Level One, Level Two and master practitioners with certificate)

The Master Teacher is a very sacred process.

It is for those feeling guided to initiate and assist others on the Reiki path.

You will learn how to preform all levels of attunements.

You will receive copies of all the paperwork to teach your own classes. 

You will receive a certificate after completing all requirements.

 $250.00  (ask for discounts)

classes are 10-12 hours

days and times vary

In my Reiki classes

we have fun and some 

discover gifts to share with the world.   

Each class can be in a group or private and must be in person. 



Lay back and feel the angelic sounds of the seven chakra singing bowls move through you and take you through each chakra for a detailed healing.

Hear a guided channeled message for you to expand. Melt into a pure blissful state that will allow you to open up and manifest your highest intention.


Let yourself drift away into a deep meditative state. This will bring healing on a cellular level for your mind, body and spirit. 


Feel light and free.  

Walk away feeling

peaceful and relaxed

Available for:

private session

small group

house parties

corporate events


Learn how you can write a check to yourself, from the Universe.

Manifest and create your life now!!!

Meditate and connect to receive messages and guidance. 

It is your time.

You are deserving.

Allow and accept.


Learn about reiki healing energy and receive a mini treatment.  

Walk away feeling peaceful. 


Practitioners of all healing modalities will meet and exchange loving energy with each other. Take time for yourself. Share with others.

group workshops vary per location. $25.00-$55.00

Check sessions for one on one

Special Events




It truly is the best medicine. Completely natural with no side effects, except maybe a little happier and healthier. 

Imagine laughing for "no" reason. Light stretching and movement  with a little breath work and a lot of laughter. Some consider it an aerobic exercise. Most just really enjoy it.

Be silly, have fun and get HEALTHY!


Sound Vibration Energy Healing

Inner active group participation. Experience sound healing while playing musical instruments. Discover the  healer within yourself. Individual personal healing for all participants.

Drums and shakers provided, or bring your own.

F ree yourself

E xpress Creativity

E nhance Awareness

L iberate Inhibitions

All ages welcome

(well behaved children with guardian)


(emotional freedom technique)

EFT is a powerful technique using your bodies meridian system to assist in reprogramming thoughts. It is wonderful in releasing trauma, resetting a positive brain pattern and manifesting desires.

Tap yourself free of negative emotions, stress, anxiety, trauma, cravings, possibly allergies and much more.

This workshop will allow you to take control of your own emotions.

You will step away feeling

strong, confident and in control.

(Private session available)

Group workshop vary per location


Check sessions for private one on one

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