Personal One on One Sessions

First time client: SPECIAL $65.00

As a first time client I require a consultation before and a review after the session. I want to make certain that you are completely satisfied and fully reconnected and balanced.

This could take up to 2 hours.

60 minute session: $65.00

Reiki is a wonderful experience for relaxation and stress relief. Connecting the mind, body and spirit.

This is also good for working through unwanted habits, releasing past trauma issues or helping to reprogram a positive mind with E.F.T. ( emotional freedom tapping).

90+ minute session: $88.00

A powerful in-depth session

for a deeper understanding of your inner self

setting a positive life intent with E.F.T., Reiki or both.

30 minute session: $45.00

This is a chair treatment good for returning clients.

A quick lift me up, get balanced and centered.

Clearing the aura and balancing the chakras.

E.F.T. for anxiety, stress, emotional trauma.

30, 60 or 90+ minute sessions also available

via Skype or by phone.

These are perfect for channeled messages.

Reiki and EFT.

Same prices as above.


Each session includes your own specific personal guided meditation and channeled message. Some sessions may include crystal therapy, color therapy, sound therapy, acutonics, toning and/or aromatherapy as needed.

Discounts available :

ask if you qualify

Check out EVENTS/CLASSES for more details

about becoming a practitioner

or other special events

Learn to live by the Ethical Principles of Reiki


BE PEACEFUL...let go of Anger

BE RELAXED...let go of Worry


BE KIND TO OTHERS...learning from all


A message from Janee...

It is my belief, that if more people in our world were

Reiki Practitioners,

we could all live in peace and harmony.

Whether you are healing yourself or helping others to heal,

you are helping the world.

What a wonderful thought...

Imagine everyone loving and understanding everyone.

In my Reiki classes we have fun, learn,

share and discover our inner gifts,

to share to the world.

I love to support others

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